5 roots of negative feelings

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25 April 2020

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Feeling good about yourself

A common question is – how do I make myself feel good?


People find it difficult to understand their purpose, abilities, the right direction to follow in life and the help they can get when they need it, which is why they are always agitated, scared and in a permanent competition. All these feelings do not help to improve, grow or build the interior, but also spread what was once in order. Because of this, in recent years there has been a great increase in the conditions that are difficult to take from within, anxiety, dissatisfaction, failure, feelings of inferiority or worthlessness.
Once the anamnesis is made, applicable solutions are required. These solutions have been written for thousands of years by sages or enlightened spirits who have wanted to help those who are ready to make the leap to a more refined level.

One cannot refresh matter without removing what is inappropriate and replacing it with something suitable. What can be inappropriate in creation? Everything that blocks development, growth, evolution and occupies the place without being able to produce anything of quality.

If we refer to man, the most complex creation in the universe, negative thoughts and emotions are those that slow down and make the quality of life difficult. What could be the root of these feelings that we all felt at certain moments and we all know how much discomfort they can cause?

In my opinion, in order to understand the roots, we need to position ourselves at their level, that is, at the beginning. We will notice there how pride, spite, hatred, contempt and annoyance are some of the ones that the deformed construction we are in and that we inherited when we entered this life was built.

Pride, as the root of evil, confuses us because many visible or less visible offspring arise from it, such as arrogance, the desire to be right or to receive praise, or the need to be superior, all of which create expectations that lead to failure and cause us suffering.
Despite, it appears from the inability to do what we want, from competition and comparison always with the one next to us, without understanding that everyone has his place, his needs and his path from which he will take his lessons through wisdom or suffering.
Hate arises from unforgiveness, separation, and a lack of understanding of the plan, the moment, and man. If we could be aware for a second that we are all cells of the same body and that we are all useful and that we could not function without each other, just as the liver cannot give good results without the kidneys, pancreas, heart or lungs, we would realize that hatred, so toxic, only closes even more the potential we could access.
Contempt is present whenever we position ourselves above our fellow men without taking into account that from a divine point of view and at the moment of death we are the same. The way we choose to use what we know, to seek to grow in wisdom, and to share with others seems to differentiate us, but even this does not justify contempt for fellow human beings. Many times we can receive important lessons of wisdom from the despised and this in order to recalibrate our thinking and feeling.
The inconvenience is the typical living of our times that inevitably leads us to separation from all and sundry. As long as what others are doing is disturbing to us, it means that we are rigid to change. Anything that becomes inflexible over time stiffens, suffers and is destroyed. Therefore, the inconvenience is perhaps the first sign that we have a side that needs understanding, knowledge and immediate help.
Like these, there are many others who, once they have made their place in us, ruin our balance, good mood and light in our eyes.


Steps to balance
There are many techniques by which balance can be regained, but all are based on the following steps:

  1. giving up what I have done so far and which has led to the current state, and here I am referring to that inner emptiness; it is important to say stop so we can add something else instead.
  2. awareness of things that need to be changed in order to begin healing, and this is done with the utmost sincerity; the next consequence is that we will no longer be able to judge or be bad with those around us.
  3. installing harmony around us without making any special effort to achieve it; the more we strive to do things more correctly and truly, the better we will be with those close to us.

In order to make this journey inside our being real so that we can see clear and palpable changes, we need a period of retreat, introspection and a desire for change. It is worth the effort because it means freedom or release from chains. And once we feel the taste of freedom we will no longer conceive of the return and we will always be careful to advance in the light.


Adviser Carmen Neațu

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