How can I donate on the site?

You fill in your data under the Donate section and you will be able to donate directly through PayPal, if you have an affiliate or bank card.

How can I donate various goods?

If the goods are in good condition, contact us and we find the beneficiaries for you.

Can I become a volunteer abroad?

Yes, if you do not find a cause that is going abroad on the site you can contact us for more details and to find out what causes we have in the future.

Can I create my own cause to support?

Yes, we have added this module to the site, through which you can create a cause to support you every month and we come to support you. More details are found in the monthly donations section.


How can I support as a partner?

If you have a company that offers various services and interests in offering them in the service of mankind or you can only facilitate the smooth running of certain projects, write us and we will complete the most beautiful partnership

How can I support as a sponsor?

By a simple sponsorship, following the signing of a sponsorship contract, by which you are to deduct this expense and we manage to complete the projects under way. Find more details on the Donate section.

How do I know where does the causes of the money donated go to?

You can ask for a particular cause you wish to uphold, or you can donate to the general and the money will support the causes that require priority.

As a company can I be a sponsor, a partner or a donor?

Whatever you choose. A sponsor through the sponsorship contract can deduct this expense, a partner makes its contribution through its own services or by facilitating the smooth running of our projects, and a donor, through a donation contract, donates a sum of money.


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