Iuliana Dumitru


Iuliana Dumitru

Before professional experience, in order to understand you and the others, it is necessary to recognize the divine spark in the people.
Psychotherapist, educational psychologist, career advisor, manager, program coordinator, mediator and not least voluntary, Iuliana Dumitru stands out by professional and personal results. Spiritual seeker studied and researched the Dacian, the ancestral culture, but also the vedic spirituality, Sanskrit, taking the steps following the great masters of India and Nepal.


    The two faculties and the master, all of them followed at the University of Bucharest, opened the doors to leading positions, but also the possibility to accumulate enough expertise to help families and children in crisis situations professionally and voluntarily. First of all, wife and mother of three children personally developed the satisfaction of a fulfilled life that brightened professional life.

    Position: Psychotherapist, educational psychologist
    Studies: Faculty of psychology and Education Sciences
    Faculty of Sociology and Social assistance
    Master in school advice and career development
    Master NBCC (national Board for certified Counabars)
    Training as a psychotherapist within the “training and therapy Center for children, couple and family” Bucharest
    Languages: English

    Experience: 10 years experience as psychotherapist, educational psychologist and career consultant; 7 years experience in the profession of mediator; program coordinator, manager and emotional assistance through expressive work with sand – Sanworking, author of the success stories from the “participate” manual of the Foundation motivation and Special Olympis.
    Courses: Sanswork method, mimico-gestual language, mediator course and various alternative therapy courses.