Virginia-Mihaela Prunoiu



Virginia joined the Lio’s team with a desire to be part of projects and events that improve people's lives. It is the one who deals with the implementation of the association's programs and projects, whose hands shape the whole process. He is the person who engages the body and soul and takes care of the proper conduct of the various demands.


    In more than ten years of sustained activity in legal counselling, it deepened the nature of human relations, becoming an investigator of conflict potential, as well as a mediator between people. In 2012, a living limit situation led her to seek support within her, thus began her spiritual journey, gathering knowledge from different systems and schools in the country, Europe and South America.

    Position: Energy medicine therapist
    Studies: University of Romanian-American, Faculty of Law
    Master of Human resources
    Languages: English, French, Italian
    Experience: 3 years as a therapist in energy medicine
    Courses: Various alternative therapy and energy medicine courses